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Main features

Our service is unique in that we build a highly scalable cloud object storage, using existing open-source software as much as possible, in order to cut the development and support costs. This allows us to build a system core very quickly with minimal investment.

Our system design uses commodity server hardware. It is fault-tolerant and self-healing. This makes the S3for.Me system very cheap compared to enterprise storage arrays. It is built for the Web and it can serve all objects directly using HTTP or HTTPS protocols, which makes it the ideal choice for modern applications.

Every object is stored on three different physical servers to ensure very high object reliability. The annualized failure rate (AFR) for the HDDs that we use is less than 1%. This means that the AFR for 3x redundancy installation has an AFR equal to 0.01 * 0.01 * 0.01 = 0.000001. Consequently, we can guarantee a 100% - 0.0001% = 99.9999% object durability, which is considerably higher than most other storage solutions.

Our data center provider guarantees an annual average of 99% network availability for the data center network infrastructure. We use multiple data center deployment and our servers are installed at least in two data centers at the same time with full data copies at each data center. This means that we can guarantee 100 - (0.01 * 0.01)*100 = 99.99% object availability over a given year.

The access control list (ACL) system we use allows for two types of objects:

And there are two types of keys:

We use the most popular Cloud Storage API to date - Amazon S3 which makes migration smooth and easy. You can use any software or library to work with our service. If you have any problems or questions, our support team will be glad to assist you any time.